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Why Do Dentures Need to Soak When Not in Your Mouth?
Posted on 5/25/2018 by Brock Hinton
You need to take proper care of your dentures if you want them to feel comfortable and perform well. This includes cleaning them and the best way to do this is to soak them overnight. Why you Should Soak Your Dentures One of the main reasons you need to soak your dentures is because they're made of acrylic, which contains a lot of little pores. While these are too small for you to see, bacteria will find their way into them and this can easily add up. In doing so, they will contribute to gum disease, especially since the amount of bacteria in your mouth grows as you get older. At the same time, your ability to produce antibacterial saliva decreases. Taking certain medications only makes this problem worse. Another reason to soak your dentures overnight is to give your gums a rest. Since they're responsible for supporting your teeth they will grow tired after a while. Taking your dentures out and resting your mouth is another great reason to effectively clean your dentures. The best way to do this is by soaking them overnight since this will remove over 99% of the bacteria in them. This will also remove any odor that's there. Soaking your dentures when they're not in your mouth is obviously important for many different reasons. Understanding this and being ready to properly care for a new set of dentures is an important step you need to take prior to deciding to get them for yourself. If you can't reach this point, you may wish to consider getting dental implants instead so all you have to do is brush, floss, and gargle with some mouthwash. In either case, you'll need to start by making an appointment with our office, so we can properly fit you with a new set of teeth....

Where Denture Pain Usually Comes From
Posted on 5/15/2018 by Brock Hinton
Dentures shouldn't be painful. They should function as your own natural teeth. However, there are some times when they do become painful. Why Your Dentures are Painful There are several reasons why you may feel pain when you're wearing your dentures. One of the reasons is that you've just recently gotten a set of dentures. Fortunately, this is something that will only last for a few weeks as you get used to wearing your new teeth. Sometimes this is because the dentures don't fit properly, but this is something that we can fix once you've made an appointment with us in our office. When you've had your dentures made somewhere other than in our office, it's possible that they've been poorly made. In this case your gums will grow sore from the dentures rubbing against them. No amount of denture "glue" will fix this problem. Instead, you'll need to have our office make a completely new set of dentures for you - the ones that fit your mouth properly. You may also get mouth infections from wearing your dentures, but this is quite rare, fortunately. Here you'll need to learn how to take care of your dentures better. Proper care involves brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash - just like you would need to do if you still had your own natural teeth. You may also find some relief from using Orajel for this pain. However, if you don't start taking care of your dentures properly, you're only prolonging the problem. Having properly fitted dentures is important. Whether this is your first pair of dentures or you've been wearing them for a while, we can help you. Schedule an appointment with us today and we'll get you into a set of dentures that makes you feel as though you still have your own natural teeth in your mouth....

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