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Periodontal Procedures

Scaling and Root Planing

A regular professional cleaning involves the removal of plaque, tartar, and stains. When gum disease is present, we recommend another type of cleaning, known as scaling and root planing.
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Osseous Surgery

If periodontal disease has progressed to the point of significant bone loss, osseous surgery may be necessary. At Prosthodontic Dental Group, can perform osseous surgery to help save a tooth from extraction.
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Tissue Grafting

Gum recession can occur gradually and may not be noticeable. Although you may not feel it now, this can have drastic consequences for your oral health. We offer tissue grafting to repair your gums and prevent future tissue loss.
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Bone Augmentation

To receive an implant, you must have a substantial amount of existing bone. Patients who have significant bone deterioration may need to undergo bone augmentation. We perform bone grafts and sinus lifts to provide a sturdy foundation for implant-supported restorations.
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Crown Lengthening

Your gums are also an integral component of having a great smile. No matter how perfect your teeth are, excess gum tissue can take away from their appearance, dulling your smile, and your confidence. At Prosthodontic Dental Group, we can help you to have the smile you have always wanted with crown lengthening.
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