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Snore Guards

Snoring is often thought to be funny. The truth is, however, that not only can it be embarrassing, snoring can also be a major indication of a serious condition known as sleep apnea. This condition affects the quality of your sleep, leaving you susceptible to excessive sleepiness, difficulty thinking clearly, and even major health conditions. Fortunately, Prosthodontic Dental Group can help. If you snore, we can provide you with a snore guard.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep is a crucial function. As you sleep, your body rests and repairs itself, helping you to stay healthy. To do this properly, your body goes through several sleep cycles. Sleep apnea is a condition that affects the quality of your sleep. It causes you to stop breathing for several seconds (sometimes as long as 90 seconds), which then causes you to wake up. Most of the time, you are completely unaware that this happens. When it does, your sleep cycles start all over again. Sleep apnea varies in severity, ranging from mild (5 to 14 apneic events per sleeping hour) to severe (more than 30 apneic events per sleeping hour). The most common type of sleep apnea is called obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. OSA occurs when your throat muscles (or other muscles near the airway) relax, blocking your airway. It can also occur if your throat becomes blocked by your tongue or any excess tissue near the airway.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea. However, you may not know that you snore unless someone has told you. There are several other symptoms that accompany sleep apnea as well:
•  Chronic daytime sleepiness.
•  Trouble staying awake.
•  Difficulty focusing.
•  Trouble controlling your emotions.
•  Feeling irritable.
•  Health problems such as high blood pressure.

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

Sacramento, CA man snoring in bed, in need of a sleep apnea snore guard from his dentist.Before being treated for sleep apnea, the condition must first be diagnosed. The only way to diagnose sleep apnea is through a sleep study. This exam is done overnight. Sleep experts monitor brain activity, eye movements, blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, and more. Once sleep apnea has been diagnosed, treatment can begin.

Other Causes of Snoring

While sleep apnea is a common cause of snoring, it is possible to suffer from snoring and not have the condition. There are other causes of snoring, including:
•  You have allergies. Allergies can cause inflammation of tissues, including those around the throat and sinuses.
•  Certain medications.
•  Smoking.
•  Excessive alcohol use.
•  Your sleep position.
•  Pregnancy.

Treating Snoring With a Snore Guard

A snore guard is a device that visually resembles a sports mouth guard. It is worn over your top teeth while you sleep, and is designed to hold your jaw in proper alignment. At Prosthodontic Dental Group, we custom make your snore guard from impressions of your mouth. This ensures an accurate, comfortable fit that will provide you with the best results possible. Because it holds your jaw in alignment, it prevents your jaw from sliding back. This also prevents your tongue and other excess tissues from falling into the airway, obstructing your breathing. With your airway clear, you can prevent snoring and sleep through the night.

With a snore guard, you not only stop snoring, but you can also finally get some good quality sleep. For more information, or to schedule your consultation, contact Prosthodontic Dental Group today at (916) 264-9655.
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